How does Wrapping Bee Wrap work?

Simply select the size wrap required and use the warmth of your hands to seal the wraps around sandwiches, half avocados, cheese, bowls, and anything else you can think of.

What are they made from?
Wrapping Bee wraps are made from 100% cotton with a natural mix of beeswax, pine resin, and jojoba oil. 

How do I clean my Wrapping Bee Wrap?
Rinse your Wrapping Bee wraps in warm water and detergent. Make sure they are completely dry before rolling or folding away.

How long do they last? Are they reusable?
Wrapping Bee wraps are reusable, and depending on care, they last between 6-12 months or more. 

How do I store them?
Wrapping Bee Wraps are best stored folded up or rolled up - I personally store mine rolled up in a glass jar - creates some cool décor for your kitchen bench top.

Will my food taste like honey?
Wrapping Bee wraps don't alter the taste of foods. 

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we do ship internationally. 

How long does it take for a package to be delivered?
Wrapping Bee wraps will arrive within 1-3 business days delivered in New Zealand and up to 2 weeks for international deliveries. 

Can I use my wrap with raw meat?
Due to hygienic reasons we don’t recommend using Wrapping Bee wraps for raw meat.

Can I microwave food in Wrapping Bee Wraps?
Avoid microwaving your Wrapping Bee wrap as it will melt the wax and create quite a mess!